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Welcome to my media page, where I am excited to showcase my extensive podcast appearances. As a guest, I have had the honor of being featured on top-rated podcasts across various industries. Join me as I dive into captivating discussions on topics close to my heart, including personal development, mindfulness, career advancement, and leadership. Through these podcast appearances, I aim to share my unique insights and expertise, providing practical strategies and transformative stories that inspire listeners to unlock their full potential. Embark on this audio journey with me and discover actionable advice and valuable wisdom to enhance your life and achieve your goals.


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Jennifer shares the many incredible stories of her clients past life regressions, lives remembered on other planets, powerful stories of self healing, and the direct messages from the subconscious. Shanna opens up about her session experience with Jennifer where she got answers to her life's greatest questions and a shocking surprise!

This extraordinary episode is filled with amazing soul-experience stories from QHHT, including a remarkable example about how a hypnosis session revealed proof and brought back memories of an ET contact. Jennifer talks about how discovering Dolores Cannon  and QHHT changed her life

Jennifer describes the profound effects Quantum Healing Hypnosis has on her client's lives and why she decided to leave her job as an executive in the business world to pursue it. Jennifer discusses how she formerly felt caught in the "matrix" and how QHHT and BQH have enabled her to realize her mission of helping others.

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Jennifer helps her clients connect with their higher selves in the 5D dimension to find the solutions to life's most pressing concerns. She is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner. You have the chance to delve into former lifetimes, between lives, link to the Akashic Records, and converse with your higher self while in a deep trance with QHHT/BQH (quantum healing therapies).

Jennifer Mitchell reveals the transformative power of the subconscious mind, guiding individuals towards a purposeful and fulfilling life. By tapping into this hidden wisdom, she empowers personal growth and enables individuals to navigate life's challenges with clarity and intention.

Jennifer Mitchell is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner. Her areas of expertise are past life regression, between life exploration, activation of gifts, self-healing, recovering lost energy, DNA Vibrational upgrades, meeting your spirit guides, and reconnecting with loved ones on the other side. WOW! You are definitely in for a treat in this episode. 

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