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Keep scrolling for the answers to most commonly asked questions about QHHT, past lives and hypnosis! Should you have a question that is not on the list, then please do not hesitate to reach out to me!


  • Is there anyone who is NOT an ideal candidate for Quantum Hypnosis Healing?
    Everyone's circumstances are unique, so it's best to email me about your own background. However, in general, if you have intense fears, have experienced severe trauma, ritualistic abuse, have a history of extreme psychosis, schizophrenia or have lived in a war zone, a session may not be recommended based on the situation.
  • What kind of questions should I ask my subconscious?
    You are free to ask anything. It's recommended to order your questions from most important to least important because there is a lot to cover in the hypnosis portion of the session and it needs to be kept to no longer than 2 hours (full session). In this manner, if time runs out, you will have learned the information about which you are most curious. Here is a list of some example questions people have asked: - What is my life's purpose? - Am I in the right relationship for me? - Will I find a long-term partner in my future? - Have I lived a past life with my partner/friend/child? - What is the right job for me? - What can I do to manifest more income/health/love in my life? - Is there something blocking abundance for me? - I want to be a _________ but can’t get myself to do it, why is that and what can I do to break through my blocks? - Why am I experiencing ____ (illness or pain)? - What is the best diet for me? - Why do I have an addiction to ___? - I had an intense dream or experience, what did that mean? - Why did I experience abuse in my childhood? - Why did I experience ______________ what was the lesson I was supposed to learn? -Why do I have memories that do not seem to be my own/ was this _______memory from a past life? -How many past lives have I lived? - Why did I choose my parents / siblings for this life? - Can you heal me from____________ illness? - Is there any stored trauma in my body you can release? - What is holding me back in my life? -Can you upgrade my body / increase my vibration? -Can you reprogram my belief system about____________? *** Please note that you should only ask questions you want honest answers to. This is not like a psychic session where answers are filtered through a third party practitioner. The responses from your subconscious are real and very honest.
  • Why should I consider a QHHT session?
    For every single justification imaginable! Physical and emotional well-being, challenges with self-worth, uncertainties about one's life path and professional choices, interest in the origins of the soul, time travel, and other mysteries are among the common reasons. This will be one of the most profound life experiences.
  • Is hypnosis dangerous?
    Hypnosis is extremely safe and is actually a very relaxed and natural state of mind. During hypnosis we work in the Theta state of mind which is a very natural state of being that each person enters 2 times per day. The Theta state of mind is that "dream-like" state that we all experience as we are just about to fall asleep and again just as we are waking up each morning. This is the part of the mind we work with as hypnotists and is the same state of mind that is accessed during deep meditation. In the unlikely event of an emergency a person would easily be able to exit the hypnotic state by simply opening their eyes or sitting up.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for my session?
    Preparing for a QHHT Session with JENNIFER MITCHELL Your quantum healing hypnosis session will be as successful as it can be with the help of the material in this document. Please contact me if you have any further queries or worries. Preparing for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session Learn to quiet the mind with meditation Create intention and Begin affirmation – You are connected to and can easily communicate with your Higher Self Leave expectations behind Practice by listening to recorded regressions Practice visualization – imagination Read and understand common hypnosis myths Clear your day after the session, most need rest/integration time Light exercise before the session Light meal or snack before the session Limit caffeine (do NOT ELIMINATE if a regular coffee or tea drinker, just limit) Online sessions- Familiarize yourself with Zoom and ALL of your equipment prior to the session. Recordings are not kept long. Download your audio file immediately! *PLEASE READ PRIOR TO BOOKING / TRIGGER WARNING** QHHT sessions are much deeper than "just a past life regression". These sessions are real and very DEEP. It is important that you are open and ready to share during the interview session. If you have a lot of "red tape" and topics you are not ready to discuss then this is not the time for you to book a session. I am here to help clients who are ready to do the work, ready to heal and release deep rooted trauma. This requires you to engage with me during the interview process, tell me about yourself without holding back. My goal is to ensure that your session is meaningful. Remember that the more you share and open up, the better experience you will have. You came here to receive guidance from your Higher Self and the best way to receive that is to open up and allow yourself to really share what your experiences have been. That way I understand your life and what may show up in your session, and your sharing can also be healing catalyst for you as you share it. That is what this box of tissues is for. The more you open up, the more you will receive.
  • How many questions can I ask my subconscious higher self?
    Depending on the session that you choose will determine how many questions we can ask. For a mini session - 8 questions For a full session - 20 questions
  • What is the difference between an in-person versus and online session?
    Actually, not much has changed at all. Your background and degree of comfort should be taken into account when deciding between an in-person and an online session. Due to compliance reasons, all online sessions will follow the BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) format of healing.
  • What is the session timeline?
    There are some differences between the original QHHT and my approach, which is based on it. I do not adhere to the exact script as every client and situation is unique. I do follow the same format (body scan, previous life regression, and Q&A with your Higher Self). I adjust my induction and deepener techniques based on the client's demands as a skilled hypnotist. Likewise, I make use of online meetings. The process will proceed in the following order once you are hypnotized after the pre-hypnosis interview Go back to the scene(s) from your past lives Engage your Higher Self "The Subconscious" Review what we just observed in your past life & how it relates to your current life will be discussed with your Higher Self. Review any physical issues by performing a body scan (this may involve learning why they exist and may even include spontaneous healing) Ask the questions you brought to the session and get detailed accurate responses * To help you examine and retain the information that was disclosed, you will receive a recording of the hypnosis portion of the session.
  • What kind of outcome can I expect after a Quantum Healing session?
    The result can vary greatly. Instinctive, miraculous healings or profound revelations have really happened for clients right away, and I have also experienced reactions more along the lines of "Well, that was intriguing, but not quite what I expected." I cannot promise you anything and cannot predict what will occur for you specifically. What I can tell you is that some of those clients who made comments like the last one have gotten in touch with me later, sometimes years later, and have shared how, looking back, their session was brilliant and ideal for them at the time and opened the door to their next critical stage of growth. My patients have had remission from terminal illnesses. Those effects have been reversed for customers of mine who were born with birth abnormalities. Years of forgotten memories have been recovered by clients of mine. I've had people who were destined for divorce realize their holy vows to their spouses and save their relationships. In addition to assisting customers with the resolution of ET mysteries, I have also assisted them in remembering their soul origins and the reason they are currently incarnating as humans. I have also assisted them in speaking with deceased relatives and missing living relatives. The only restrictions are those imposed by tradition or belief systems, but even then, the choices are figuratively limitless. Ultimately, your own subconscious mind is in control of the outcome that you experience. Your higher subconscious self determines exactly what you do or don't need at the point in time.
  • May I bring a family member or friend along to my session?
    The answer to this frequently asked question is that, no, it is not advised for a number of reasons and would only ever be appropriate in the rarest of instances. One of the main reasons, is that the subconscious higher self may not come forth if there are distractions or observers present. Also, the subconscious mind often reveals things about friends or family members that you may not want them to hear! If you choose to share your voice recorded session with them afterwards that is up to your discretion. 😊 ** Please kindly note: If you do arrive to a session with a friend or family member, they will be turned away and no refunds will be granted as this was pre-advised and the 4 hour time was held for your session.
  • Will you refund me or offer a free session if I cannot achieve a hypnotic state?
    It's important to recognize that the following scenario is exceptionally rare. Typically, my clients experience a very high rate of success, thanks to my extensive experience and the highly effective techniques. I truly understand that each client is unique and may have varying experiences during a hypnotherapy session. Please know that my dedication to your success is unwavering. When you book a session with me, I set my entire day aside, prioritizing your needs and well-being. I bring not only my knowledge but also my years of expertise to every session. I am here to guide you through the process, utilizing all my skills and experience to help you reach your desired goals. I understand that achieving a hypnotic state can be challenging for some due to underlying beliefs, programming, difficulties in trusting, or fear of "losing control". I show up dedicated and 100% committed to every session. I set my time aside and am distraction free in anticipation for your session. In such cases, I must uphold the commitment I make to all my clients. Based on my time, dedication and commitment to every session, I do not offer complimentary rebooks or refunds If for any reason, a hypnotic state cannot be reached during a session. If you find that you would like to make another attempt to achieve your goals, you are welcome to book and pay for another session. I will be just as dedicated and committed to your success as I was during our initial session. Your investment in your well-being is an investment in yourself, and I am here to support you on your journey to self-improvement and personal growth.
  • What is the flow of a session and how long is it?
    Three components make up a complete QHHT session: A pre-hypnosis interview hypnosis post-hypnosis analysis. The interview and review time define how long the session lasts because the hypnosis portion takes about 2 hours. Typically, a session lasts 4 to 4.5 hours. The post-hypnosis review may take a little longer for some people because they don't always remember what they did when they were hypnotized.
  • Am I in control of my mind during a session?
    Ahh gotta love Hollywood for spreading crazy myths about hypnosis! The truth is that nobody can take control of your thoughts unless you allow them to! You won't ever lose control of the situation during your session. Anything that your subconscious mind perceives to be unacceptable will be rejected immediately. Your higher self loves you very much and always has your best interest at stake. You will be very very relaxed and comfortable during a session. Remember, this is a safe place and you can take comfort in knowing it is ok to relax as your higher-self will always take care of you.
  • What exactly is Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT)?
    Dolores Cannon developed the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) over many years. The method uses hypnosis to travel to the "most appropriate" time(s) in your soul's history that have affected your present-day circumstances. The next step is calling on your "Higher Self." A direct link to your subconscious "Higher Self" can be made via the Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique. With the aid of a QHHT facilitator, you can use consciousness exploration to uncover your own inner wisdom and strong healing potential. Under hypnosis, your higher self will communicate with you directly. You will learn about your past lives, get the chance to heal, and obtain the responses to any questions you have prepared in advance. You will be given a copy of the audio recording of your subconscious higher self. Quantum healing hypnosis is the most powerful form of self healing and exploration available. QHHT Founder Dolores Cannon
  • What is your deposit and cancellation policy?
    All appointments require a $75 non-refundable deposit in order to hold the 4 hour time slot for your session. The deposit is non-refundable given the amount of time I am blocking off my calendar in anticipation for your appointment. This policy is upheld regardless of whether or not I fill the time slot. I understand that life happens, so I will reschedule you one time as a courtesy as long as I have 48 hours notice. Once within 48 hours there are no refunds or complementary reschedules.
  • What if hypnosis does not work for me?
    There is no such thing as a person who cannot be hypnotized, but there is such a thing as a person who will not simply RELAX enough to be hypnotized. Hypnosis is a very natural state of mind that you already enter 2 times every day, once when you are falling asleep and once again when you are waking up. The keys to a successful hypnosis session: 1.) Relax. Simply act as though you are coming to take a nice relaxing and stress free nap! It is ok if you fall asleep, I have had plenty of clients respond in between snores your subconscious will still be able to hear me. 2.) Do not stress yourself out trying to analyze anything. Doing so will keep your mind in the state of hyper awareness that we do not want. Remember, the key is NOT TO ANALYZE ANYTHING. 3.) Trust yourself. Your subconscious brought you here for a reason and has information that it wants to give you. Step aside and trust the messages coming through from your Higher Self. 4.) Keep talking to me. The more you keep talking to me the easier the session will flow. Don't stop to analyze what is happening or what you are saying, just simply relax and let it flow. ** Disclaimer In the very unlikely event that hypnosis does not work for you, there are no refunds. The ONLY reason hypnosis would not work is if you are unable to simply let go, trust yourself and just relax. If this should happen to occur, this is not within my control as a practitioner, the full session amount will still apply as I did set space for the session, dedicate the time to you and fulfill my end of the appointment. This is an extremely rare and highly unlikely occurrence but needs to be noted that the full amount will still apply with no discounts. Don't worry, you will be fine... :)
  • What if I cant achieve hypnosis
    Everyone has the potential to experience hypnosis. The key lies in whether you are willing to trust, relax, and have faith in the process to enable the state of hypnosis to manifest. Did you realize that you enter a hypnotic-like state daily? Indeed, it's a fact. When you become absorbed in a TV show or inadvertently miss your freeway exit, you are experiencing a form of hypnosis. It happens when you let go or surrender to the outcome by simply relaxing. Additionally, each day as you drift into sleep and wake up in the morning, you enter a similar trance-like state. Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind, but it hinges on your belief that you can relax and willingness to allow your higher self to come forward. Even if you doze off during the process, you can still have a highly successful experience. Ultimately, I have several tools, tips and techniques that I can assist you will achieving relaxation but I cannot rewrite the core belief system it doesn't align.
  • How does Quantum Healing work?
    Various terms for quantum healing hypnosis include soul journey, dreamwork, guided visualization, and soul travel. All of these descriptions are essentially human-language expressions that sum up this situation: You take a seat, unwind, close your eyes, and drift off into a profound dream-like "theta" state. While receiving assistance from your facilitator, you are allowed to communicate and express your experience. You will be given the opportunity to speak directly with your Higher Self, which is the aspect of you that embodies the Divine spark and is more knowledgeable and wise about you and your life's purpose than your more "conscious" or "daily" self.
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