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Jennifer is incredibly gifted and intuitive QHHT healer, past life regression practitioner & spiritual guide and facilitator. This was my first time experiencing QHHT & past life regression, and She made me feel very comfortable & relaxed throughout the whole session. I was able to travel to & uncover one of my past lives, and see some connection with my current life, get many questions answered, received interesting messages, scanned my body and send healing to those areas of my body that needed healing after releasing & clearing some blockages from past. Thank u so much Jennifer 
~ Namaste


This was one, if not the best, experiences I have ever gone through. Jen is the most beautiful, kind, open minded, supportive, understanding person I have ever worked with. She is passionate about what she does, her methods, and helping others bring things to light to break through and break free. Nothing is too small and nothing is too big or crazy. She welcomes you into her beautiful home which is an incredibly safe place, and makes sure any anxiety or thoughts about it are worked on and worked through to get the best optimal outcome. Everyone needs and should work with her. I know I have added one of the most valuable assets into my life and someone that I will work with and call a friend for the rest of my life. She shows nothing but love, protection, and guidance for you and your highest good.


Felt so safe! Highly recommend a session with Jennifer

I had a QHHT session with Jennifer and it was amazing! QHHT is a form of hypnosis, it is super deep and helps us to tap into our subconscious. Jennifer is such an incredible practitioner; she is really skilled at what she does and really cares about her clients. She helped me to feel safe every step of the way, took her time and answered all my questions. Jennifer was outstanding when I was having a bit of trouble completely relaxing and dropping into the hypnotic state, she was able to use the tools in her toolbox to get me to relax deeper and receive all of the healing I was meant to receive. I was able to connect with subconscious / intuition and receive the guidance I was desiring and answers to all my questions I had. This session gave me the clarity I was looking for! I'm super grateful for my QHHT session with Jennifer and I would certainly love to have another one in the future! I highly recommend!


I found Jennifer through a friend when I was wanting to do a QHHT session for my health and for a feeling I have always had of not being enough. I could never figure out where that feeling came from.

When we did the session, we had a pre-session sort of chat, and I felt like it was safe to open up to her. I didn't feel judged about anything I have been through in my life. When we did the regression/hypnosis part, I noticed that she has a very gentle voice, very relaxing. That helped me to be able to relax and to go into hypnosis.

After the session, things have changed a lot for me. I feel very different than I used to. I have a new confidence that I did not have before. I really think that doing the session with her helped me to clear those feelings that I brought over from my past life in the 1950s. It was crazy also to see all of the detail in that life, to remember my house so well, to remember everything I did in that life. I feel I have healed that part of myself, that aspect of me that is part of me. I am so grateful for Jen making me feel safe during that experience where I opened up and shared emotions. 

I highly recommend Jen - she knows what she is doing and I think she has a gift for doing this work. Her voice is lovely too. Have a session with her, you will not be disappointed!


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