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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

QHHT is a truly magical, immersive, and unique healing experience.

QHHT sessions are divided into five parts:

  1. The interview process

  2. The Past-Life Regression (PLR)

  3. Self-Healing performed by your Subconscious (SC) or Higher Self (also referred to as the Superconscious)

  4. Q&A with the subconscious

  5. The debriefing and integrating process


Dolores Cannon developed the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) over the course of 45+ years. Today, QHHT is a very well respected form of healing that is practiced worldwide by practitioners. The results are remarkable and the experiences are life-changing.


about 90 minutes in length

Perhaps, the most important part of the process. The interview part of your session is where I get to know you and we talk about your life experiences. It is highly important that you show up ready to talk about your life and what challenges you have faced. This part of the session should not be me grilling you and pulling information from you, but instead it should be a comfortable two-way conversation. If at any point during this process I receive queues that you are not ready to open up, we may need to reschedule for a time that you are ready. Reason being, if you do not feel comfortable chatting with me about your past then your subconscious definitely will not feel comfortable with me under hypnosis and may not come forward to release information. So, this is why I stress that you truly need to be ready to share and open up.

During this stage you will discuss meaningful aspects of your current, present-day life, including the following:

  • key experiences that have impacted your life and shaped who you are

  • important and meaningful people in your life (past and present)

  • current problems or challenges

  • current health and wellness concerns, and

  • any questions you have for your SC (click here for examples of questions)


You will be put into the deepest state of trance. Don't worry as this is a very natural state of mind and YES, EVERYONE CAN BE HYPNOTIZED it's about whether or not you can relax your mind enough to simply follow my voice vs. following your thoughts. First, the method uses hypnosis to travel to the "most appropriate" time(s) in your souls history that have had the greatest impact on your present-day circumstances.

Our souls are infinite and we have all had former experiences that have influenced our current life path. During this portion of your session, we will explore your previous life circumstances to try and identify as much as we can. I will converse with your subconscious while you are under deep hypnotic trance. I will ask fact-finding questions about your former childhood, living conditions, time period, family and we will explore the most significant experiences during that lifetime. Your subconscious will reveal if anyone in that lifetime is involved in your current life you are living.

In a typical PLR, your higher-self will bring in an experience from one to three past lives, understand the lessons you learned from them, and work through your death experience to ensure that no traces of those past lives continue to affect you in the present (or if there are aspects of that past life that have carried over into this life, there will be an opportunity to understand those experiences and allow them to move through.) The death process will not cause any mental or bodily discomfort.

SELF-HEALING PERFORMED BY YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS (SC) or Higher-Self: (also referred to as the Superconscious, Soul, Oversoul, Source)

The next step is calling on your "Higher-Self." Some individuals favor using words like "subconscious," "oversoul," "source," etc. Your subconscious will scan your body from head to toe and look for illness, aches, pains, emotional trauma, and anything else that requires healing in the body. I will ask your subconscious questions about when the trauma or illness was first placed in the body, and what the root cause or event is and whether it is from this lifetime or a previous incarnation. Your body will perform self-healing and correct any illness that it is able to. We often experience great emotional and trauma release during this portion of the session.


This is my personal favorite part of the session because we will great the answers to your most important life questions! Prior to your session, you will prepare a detailed list of questions that you wish to ask your higher-self. You may ask your subconscious anything such as questions about relationships, money, life experiences, career, health etc... and it will respond with accurate answers and advice about the situations you asked about. One thing that is so great about his part of the session is that nothing is filtered by a third-party practitioner, all information is accurate and provided directly from your subconscious higher-self during trance.

You can conduct an online search or a YouTube search if you need some inspiration or suggestions for suitable queries. Typical types of inquiries include:

  • Career

  • Health

  • Relationships

  • Current inquiries concerning your regular activities

  • Spirituality/purpose of life

No inquiry is off limits ( except the question "when will I die" the SC will not answer as this does not serve a purpose to know). The Subconscious will always provide you with the most relevant information on your inquiries. This could involve receiving a direct solution to a query you have, or it could mean receiving an answer based on the Subconscious's collective wisdom rather than on specifics or details.

By clicking here, you can view the questions that other users have posed during their sessions.


This is a chance to go over your session and integrate the experience, connections to your present day life, and any questions you may have about your session. You are welcome to spend as much or as little time reflecting on your session while in the office. You will receive a copy of your recorded session emailed to you and you are encouraged to listen to the recording several times as people generally report new insights every time they review their session.

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