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Unlock Confidence, Beat Anxiety- Subconscious Strategies with Ben Clark

Updated: Mar 10

Confidence, often mistaken for arrogance or cockiness, is an attribute many strive to possess. Confidence is not about feeling superior but about expressing ourselves authentically, irrespective of the opinions held by others. It is about embracing our humanity and accepting our emotions, often buried in our subconscious mind due to societal pressures.

During an episode of the Soul Traveler podcast, host Jennifer Mitchell had an insightful conversation with Conscious Confidence Coach, Ben Clark, discussing various facets of building confidence, understanding ego, and the power of community. Here are the highlights of their dialogue.

The Role Of Subconscious Mind in Building Confidence

According to Ben, there are two sides to building confidence - the conscious and the subconscious. Most people focus on reframing limiting beliefs and affirmations, disregarding their subconscious thoughts. This approach often leads to a fallacy - you might repeatedly tell yourself that you’re 'confident,' but if your subconscious does not align with this belief, you’re left in a stagnant position.

To genuinely develop confidence, a balance has to be struck between conscious thoughts and the subconscious mind. It involves consciously establishing gateways into what we are truly feeling, then diving deeper into these feelings to tap into a whole new realm of the subconscious mind.

The Art of Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy

In our journey of life, the balance between masculine and feminine energies plays a monumental role in developing real confidence. Rejecting any single component might lead us to exhibit false confidence, based on our compensations for feelings of low self-esteem.

Ben himself admitted to feeling like he had more feminine energy, which he initially viewed as diminishing his masculinity. However, he realized that tapping into both energies allowed him to accept himself better and express his true identity without hesitation.

Confidence vs. Arrogance

One persistent myth about confidence, tackled by the duo, was the mistaken link between confidence and arrogance. According to them, confidence entails walking into a room, not with the mindset of overpowering others but being comfortable in your skin, irrespective of outside opinions. While an arrogant person strives to keep power, a confident person shares and empowers.

Embrace Your Emotions - Do Not Run From Them!

A key takeaway from this discussion was Ben's emphasis on feeling emotions. Often, we get trapped in our emotional labyrinth, rejecting the emotions we don't understand. However, feeling these emotions can be the first step in understanding them, accepting them, and finally, releasing them.

True confidence isn’t about putting on a show of dominance or superiority, but rather about expressing yourself authentically and accepting who you are. As we delve deeper into understanding our subconscious mind, balancing our energies, and accepting our emotions, we can channel real confidence and empower others to do the same.

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