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Soul Journeys Unveiled: Exploring Quantum Healing Hypnosis QHHT - With Jeroen DeWit

Have you ever wondered about the mysteries of past lives, galactic beings, and the hidden realms of consciousness? In a captivating conversation with two experienced quantum healing practitioners, we dive deep into these topics and uncover profound insights. Join us as we explore the realms beyond our physical existence and gain a new perspective on the purpose and interconnectedness of our souls.

1. Past Life Regression: Moving Beyond "Past Life Tourism"

  • Past life regression is not about mere curiosity or visiting ancient civilizations.

  • It's an opportunity to tap into the quantum realm and absorb the energy codes of past lives for healing and growth.

  • Each life holds valuable lessons and experiences that can benefit our present existence.

2. The Watchers: Galactic Beings Observing Earth's Evolution

  • The Watchers are highly evolved beings involved with Earth since its early stages.

  • They have a hands-off approach, observing and recording the development of life and consciousness.

  • Sometimes interchangeably known as the Ancients or Angels, they are benevolent and deeply connected to humanity's evolution.

3. Cleansing and Transition after Life: Love and Healing

  • After physical death, souls often undergo a process of cleansing and transition.

  • Cleansing can take various forms, such as experiencing nothingness or being in a loving and supportive realm.

  • There is no punishment or judgment; it is a time of healing and reconnecting with pure consciousness.

4. Soul Evolution: Choosing Challenging Life Experiences

  • Souls choose diverse life experiences to gain compassion and understanding.

  • Some souls opt for challenging roles or express negativity to learn specific lessons.

  • Judgment or categorization of souls as "bad" or "less evolved" is inaccurate; it's about the chosen experience.

5. Quantum Consciousness: Simultaneous Existence and Timelessness

  • Souls exist beyond the constraints of time; past, present, and future are experienced simultaneously.

  • Past life regression allows us to bridge these parallel experiences and integrate their wisdom into our lives.

  • Understanding the multidimensionality of consciousness helps us expand our perspective and accelerate healing.

Here’s what we covered in this episode:

6:56 Validation of past life regression.

11:33 Transitioning out of a typical job and becoming a practitioner.

14:47 What kept me from taking the leap?

20:46 The misconceptions about hypnosis and how it works.

23:30 The role of ego in hypnosis.

26:50 Visual and kinesthetic experiences.

31:18 How do you tell the difference between channeling and channeling messages?

36:40 What does it feel like to be an angel?

Jeroen Dewit ~ Dolores Cannon trained past life regressionist QHHT level 3.

Instagram: @JeroenIsLove

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  • Spiritual Counseling Session

  • Past Life Regression

  • Between Life Exploration

  • Self-Healing & Body Scan ( Performed by Your Subconscious)

  • Higher-Self conversation (Q&A with your higher-self under hypnosis)

Book your session now and you will experience all of those in just a single session!

I am living proof of the transformative power of quantum healing sessions! If you are seeking change and seeking direct answers in your life, let's make a connection and explore the possibilities together!

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