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Is Past Life Regression Real?

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

PLR (Past life regression) and QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) is the latest trend in the spiritual community, but how do you know it is legitimate?

You have probably heard of Past Life Regression and or QHHT Therapy. But what is all the hype really about? How effective is PLR and QHHT therapy? How do you know any of it is real?

How do you know that PLR is real?

1. Emotions- Emotions cannot be easily faked, especially when you are deep in hypnosis exploring the Quantum Realms. Often during a past life regression, or the Quantum Healing portion of the session you will experience many emotions. These emotions can be linked to suddenly missing a child or spouse from your previous lifetime and remembering the deep bond that you shared, or experiencing physical sensations, anger or any other range of emotions based on what scenario your subconscious reveals to you. After the session, the client typically will comment on how real the emotions are and they still miss the person or can feel the emotion associated with the lifetime or scene recalled.

2.) Unexplained knowledge – It is very common that during a PLR , the client will start to comment on and reveal knowledge of ancient customs, time periods, or civilizations that their conscious mind knows absolutely nothing about. The small details are how we can verify. For example: A previous client of mine regressed back to a lifetime during the revolutionary war and they remembered so many small details down to the button design on the light blue uniform. After the session, out of my own curiosity, I decided to go in search of the uniform and it was exactly as she had described during the hypnosis session. Notice the round silver buttons with the design engraved on them in the figure shown below. During the session she mentioned that she carried a lost button from the uniform in her pocket during the war and it comforted her during battle.

3.) Historical Evidence- Depending on the time period that the client regresses back to there are often opportunities to verify dates, names, addresses, or other details. Sometimes this may present itself as the client is reading a book in the past life, and the therapist can ask “can you please flip to the publication date of the book” or “the client is in a city walking and you can ask them is there a newspaper stand? If so, what is today’s date? What is the headline in this morning’s paper? We are then able to verify details of what the client experiences in the session. I had a client once who remembered the street and home address of her home in a past life regression that took place in Ireland. We were able to locate the home and address on Google maps when we looked.



The REGIMENTAL COAT is wool material in medium blue, with white lapels. The white color of the lapels is specific for Massachusetts regiments. The buttons are pewter, cast at Reed & Barton in Taunton MA in 1974. The insignia on the buttons is Roman numeral eleven, “XI”, signifying the Eleventh Regiment. The tails of the coat would have been secured upward, revealing the touching hearts, which is emblematic of King Richard the Lionhearted.

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