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How do I know what questions to ask my subconscious during my QHHT session?

Do you have an upcoming QHHT (quantum healing hypnosis technique) session? Do you know what questions you should ask your subconscious mind? Do you keep jotting down questions and then second-guessing them? Don't worry, it's all part of the process, and here's why...

I frequently receive messages from clients the day before their session. They've been stressing and overthinking for days about what to ask their subconscious during their upcoming QHHT session. It's critical not to overthink the questions and to approach them with a stress and uncertainty mindset. Instead, take a deep relaxing breath, meditate, relax, and reflect. Consider your life experiences and the path that has led you to this point.

Ask yourself this:

  1. What life experiences have shaped you?

  2. Do you know why they happened?

  3. What was the lesson you learned from the experience?

Based on the above, your questions could look like this:

  • " When I was younger, my father left my mom and never returned. Why did this happen to our family?"

  • "I developed asthma as a child and this has greatly impacted my life, why do I have asthma? Can you heal this today?"

  • " I was adopted, why did I choose my birth parents if they were going to put me up for adoption? Why did I choose my adoptive parents? Will I ever see my birth mom?

Again, really look inward and reflect on what has shaped you. Your subconscious knows that you are coming for a session, it guided you to this point and has important information to reveal to you. When you relax and trust the the process, you will be guided to the right questions for the where you are now in your life's journey.

Your subconscious loves you very much:

Another common thing that I hear from clients is " I am scared that my higher-self will tell me something bad" or " I am scared that my subconscious will reveal something I don't want to know" . If I am being honest, this was actually one of my fears too when I was preparing for my first session!

Rest assured that your higher -self, also known as your "subconscious," absolutely loves you and always has your best interests at heart. Your higher-self recognizes your potential and will never harm or scare you; in fact, the opposite is true. The higher -self will always give you information that is perfectly aligned with your current life path and will assist you right now.

Here is a list of some example questions people have asked:

- What is my life's purpose?

- Am I in the right relationship for me?

- Will I find a long-term partner in my future?

- Have I lived a past life with my partner/friend/child?

- What is the right job for me?

- What can I do to manifest more income/health/love in my life?

- Is there something blocking abundance for me?

- I want to be a _________ but can’t get myself to do it, why is that and what can I do to break through my blocks?

- Why am I experiencing ____ (illness or pain)?

- What is the best diet for me?

- Why do I have an addiction to ___?

- I had an intense dream or experience, what did that mean?

- Why did I experience abuse in my childhood?

- Why did I experience ______________ what was the lesson I was supposed to learn?

-Why do I have memories that do not seem to be my own/ was this _______memory from a past life?

-How many past lives have I lived?

- Why did I choose my parents / siblings for this life?

- Can you heal me from____________ illness?

- Is there any stored trauma in my body you can release?

- What is holding me back in my life?

-Can you upgrade my body / increase my vibration?

-Can you reprogram my belief system about____________?

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