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Unveiling the Mysteries: Exploring Pistis Sophia, and Synchronicity in the Age of Aquarius

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Enlightenment journey to Inner self guidance! Discover the mystical world of Pistis Sophia, the healing power of Reiki, and learn about the Age of Aquarius in this fascinating episode Shanna is the host of the well-known podcast Sense of Soul, a Reiki master, and a spiritual journey mentor.

If you are curious about past lives, consciousness, and the mysteries of the universe, keep reading as we uncover the experiences of Shanna in the highlight of this blog that will blow your mind!

In this episode, we’re talking through:

Discovering Past Lives

Shanna recounted an intriguing experience where she had a past life regression and discovered a connection to a mute monk from her present life. Through her session with me, she was able to connect the dots between various experiences and gain a deeper understanding of her spiritual journey. Shanna emphasized the profound impact of pivotal moments like these, which can lead to significant revelations and personal growth.

Synchronicities and Recollections

During our conversation, Shanna revealed that she has been witnessing a fascinating trend in her sessions. Several clients have shared past life memories where they recall being reptilian beings, such as mermaids or creatures with scaly and webbed features. These synchronicities highlight the interconnectedness of experiences and suggest that certain energies or themes are prevalent in the collective consciousness. Shanna also noted the power of shared experiences, suggesting that we are all placed here to learn and grow together.

Consciousness and Energy

We delved into the concept of consciousness as a stream of energy that we can tap into. Shanna shared her research on the theory that consciousness exists outside of the body and that our brains can access this stream. This theory explains how energy attracts like energy, as we are all tapping into the same pool of consciousness. Shana emphasized the importance of quieting the mind and allowing space for higher vibrational energy to flow, rather than being consumed by fear or constant mental chatter.

The Age of Aquarius

We delved into the mystical Age of Aquarius, an astrological era believed to bring forth a profound shift in human consciousness and spiritual evolution. Join us as we explore the significance of this age, characterized by its emphasis on unity, innovation, and higher consciousness. Discover how the Age of Aquarius invites us to embrace our authenticity, break free from outdated systems, and forge a new path of collective awakening. Through fascinating insights and thought-provoking discussions, we unravel the mysteries of this transformative era and explore its implications for personal growth, social change, and the spiritual evolution of humanity. Get ready to embark on a journey of enlightenment as we navigate the celestial waters of the Age of Aquarius.

Here’s what we covered in this episode:

3:27 Shanna’s journey to enlightenment.

13:27 The power of listening to your inner self.

21:38 Seeing the sacred healing place.

27:09 Setting boundaries in your spiritual life.

31:54 The Gnostic Gospels and how women were oppressed.

36:38 Synchronicity and the age of Aquarius.

46:25 Spirit guides and past life regressions.

As you listen to our conversation, a lot of information will surely help you understand past life regression and how powerful it is in helping you connect all the circumstances in your life.

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