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Astral Realm and Demon Hunting with King Cassius

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Jennifer and King Cash about astral realm

In a world that is undergoing a profound shift in consciousness, many individuals are awakening to their true nature as galactic beings. These individuals, known as Starseeds, are here on a mission to help humanity and the planet in various ways. In this thought-provoking interview with King Cash, a renowned spiritual influencer and demon hunter, we delve into the depths of his awakening and explore the significance of embracing our galactic mission.

King Cash's awakening journey began in high school, where he faced numerous challenges related to bullying and self-empowerment. Despite these struggles, he always had a deep sense of his own royalty and warrior spirit. Little did he know that this inner knowing was connected to his galactic heritage. As he delved deeper into his empathic abilities and studied spirituality, he started receiving missions from what he thought was the universe. It was only later that he realized he was actually working with the Galactic Federation.

"I always worked for the Galactic Federation, and now I'm going to work with them more consciously," King Cash explains. His awakening was marked by memories of the Lyra and Draconian Wars, where he witnessed the

destruction of his planet and felt a deep sense of responsibility to protect his people. This realization propelled him into his role as a demon hunter, fighting against the forces of darkness that seek to enslave Earth.

Trusting Your Intuition: Navigating the Galactic Mission

For those who are experiencing similar instincts and intuitions, King Cash advises testing them out and debunking them. By following his own intuition and investigating the messages he received, he was able to confirm the validity of his missions. "Your abilities will guide you," he affirms. It is through this process of testing and validation that individuals can discern whether their missions are connected to the Galactic Federation or simply a manifestation of their psychic abilities.

The Spiritual War: Distorting the Truth

As the awakening process accelerates, there is a spiritual war unfolding between lower vibrational forces and higher vibrational beings. King Cash highlights the importance of discernment in this battle. He warns against the distortion of truth, particularly in relation to the Galactic Federation. While there may have been corruption in the past, the Federation is now working to assist humanity in its ascension to the 5th dimension. It is crucial to recognize the attempts to repel humans from embracing their galactic heritage and to discern the true intentions behind the disclosure of extraterrestrial existence.

Project Bluebeam: Distorting Disclosure

One aspect of the spiritual war is Project Bluebeam, a plan to manipulate human perception of extraterrestrial contact. King Cash explains that the disclosure of alien existence is a necessary step in humanity's awakening. However, there are forces that seek to maintain their power and control by distorting this disclosure. The goal is to create fear and repel humans from accepting the assistance of t

he Galactic Federation and other higher beings. It is essential to remain vigilant and discerning in the face of these manipulations.

Protecting Yourself in the Astral Realm

The astral realm is a dimension where individuals can project their consciousness and interact with various beings and energies. King Cash shares his experiences and insights into navigating this realm safely. He emphasizes the importance of protecting oneself by creating an energetic bubble

around the physical body and enlisting the assistance of guides and protectors. While astral projection can be a powerful tool for exploration and growth, it is essential to maintain a connection to the physical body and ensure one's safety.

Embracing Your Mission: Discovering Your Life Path

Discovering and embracing one's mission is a deeply personal and transformative process. King Cash encourages individuals to recognize their unique skills and abilities as indicators of their mission. Whether it is healing, teaching, or fighting against darkness, each person has a role to play in the awakening of humanity. By following their guidance and trusting their intuition, individuals can uncover their life path and contribute to the collective ascension.

As the world continues to shift and awaken, the importance of embracing our galactic missions becomes increasingly evident. The journey of self-discovery and the recognition of our true nature as galactic beings is a profound and transformative experience. By trusting our intuition, discerning the truth, and protecting ourselves in the astral realm, we can fully embrace our missions and contribute to the collective awakening of humanity. The future holds endless possibilities as more individuals awaken to their true selves and actively participate in the galactic mission to create a harmonious and enlightened world.


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